3D Crystal USA

3D is a brand of crystal company, an innovator in offering creative mementos through the use of state-of-the-art technology to create unique laser-etched crystal photo gifts for any special occasion. 3D is known for its work with photographic images to provide an original and unusual touch to a wide range of consumer items such as key chains, picture frames, pillows, mousepads, coasters, etc. More importantly, 3D has been successful in creating stunning crystal keychain and glass photo charms for personalization purposes. 3D crystal has created some exciting products that not only provide a crystal-clear image but can be used to accent items like necklaces and earrings. Here’s what you can expect from your order.

– Laser Etching: This is how the 3D crystal shows laser etching on its smooth surface. The light passes through a plastic substrate, which is illuminated, causing the image to be engraved on the substrate. Most commonly, laser etching is done on glass, but other materials like plastic are also used for this purpose. Through the years, this technique has been improved to make the laser engraving more intricate and sophisticated. Currently, the most common type of 3d crystal used for laser etching is opaque, because of its anti-reflective property.

– Light Bases: In order to be able to use high quality 3d crystals for photo crystal, they must be treated properly to prevent reflection. The best 3d crystals have a surface coating made of urethane to prevent reflection, but the effect of glare can be minimized if light bases are added. Low glare light bases are also important because it can prevent accidental scratching of your photo crystal. The photo crystal’s surface is then given a polish with an electrostatic charge. To enhance its sheen, some manufacturers even add gloss to their light bases.

– Heat Treatment: The other most effective process of 3d photo engraved crystals is heat treatment. Heat treatments can also give you an intricate look on your crystal. In this process, the crystals are exposed to elevated temperatures for a certain period of time. This produces a hard surface that makes it ideal for laser engraving. To protect the crystal from any possible damage, the heat treatment also involves a sealing substance, usually silicon oil. Silicon oil is a good lubricant that prevents crystal sliding on each other during the process of laser engraving.

– Glass Processing: Unlike other materials, 3d glass with its high refractive index is ideal for laser engraved crystals. This enables the laser to work with lesser distortion on the object. Also, since glass is transparent, you can easily see the image as it appears on the crystal. The image can be slightly faded during the course of the process, but this can be remedied by wiping the crystal with soft cloth or paper. You may also use ultraviolet light, which reacts with the oxygen in the glass to fade the color.

– Material Insertion: You can also work with a crystal that has been engraved with a special material. These include glass beads, silver plated metal inserts and several kinds of stones. By using these materials, you can make three-dimensional engraved pictures onto any surface, from paper to wood. The small fits of these materials can result in small cracks on the surface of the crystal, but this does not affect the clarity of the image. Moreover, these materials take less time for the crystal to cool than those made from other materials.

3d photo personalization: This is the latest trend in personalized 3d crystal jewelry. Instead of placing your image or design directly on the jewelry, you can now have it incorporated on the surface of the crystal. This is done by embedding tiny plastic crystals on the jewelry and then turning it over to expose the backing inside.

All kinds of crystal jewelry can be designed and produced as special occasion gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, corporate events and even graduations. With the availability of personalized crystal jewelry, you can now have the picture of your choice incorporated into the special crystal medium fits. If you are looking for a way to add that special touch to your next special occasion, consider this option. Personalized crystal gifts for occasions like these are sure to impress.