Beautiful Crystal Photo Frames

For your special memories of your graduation day and other memorable events in your life, you should consider getting a crystal photo album. Photo albums can make great gifts for anyone. You may opt to give a one-time gift or perhaps a keepsake photo album. Personalized photo albums are also popular and practical presents that could be given both during holiday seasons and on other special occasions. Crystal photo albums give an extraordinary look to your precious memories of your childhood.

Photo crystal photo blocks: adding a crystal photo to a photo block is the latest laser engraving method. This is why your cherished photos will now be etched on a high-quality glass block. To turn it into a personalized photo gift, place the crystal photo block inside a special gift box. Use a card or some paper to write the message you would like to include on the crystal photo block. The choice depends on your personal taste. It could also be something like “appreciate hard work” or “sweet dreams” that you would like to be written on the glass.

The most popular designs for crystal photo albums are the crystal photo blocks etched with the photos. The most notable feature of these blocks is that the luminous base is not exposed to the air. Instead, the luminous base is placed on a polished glass plate. This type of base produces a mirror-like quality that makes the photos look as if they are floating on a crystalline surface.

Most engravers will use a silver or gold plated plate to engrave the crystal photo. Some engravers prefer to use a palladium plate due to its hypoallergenic nature. The more modern methods of engraving, such as laser crystal engraving, will require a special laser machine.

There are a number of ways you can have your crystal photo-etched. There is the traditional way by using a hot soldering gun. You place the crystal photo into the melted wax and then carefully press it into place on the hot soldering gun. You then heat the plate and apply pressure on it to make sure that it holds firm. This method requires some manual control when you hold the hot soldering gun over the crystal photo.

The most modern method of having your crystal photo-etched into glass is through the process called digital photo printing. Here, you print your photo on a special piece of glass called a print glass. To make the photo block, simply place the required number of photo blocks on the print glass. Then, place the print glass in a standard heatproof room. With this type of method, there is no need to use solder or hammers – the blocks simply pass right through each other without any help.

A good method of saving money with your crystal photo frames is to have them framed with a luminous base. With a luminous base like the Visyglo SR Booster, your crystal photo frame will not only be beautiful but also protect your photograph from scratches and marks. The process is very simple – all you have to do is place your crystal photo on the SR Booster and place the luminous base inside it.

These are just a few methods that you can have your crystal photo framed. If you can’t decide which one is best for your particular crystal photo, you can always go for a combo set of either a Photo Block or a Ligott Glass Engraving Tool. These are not only affordable but they are also beautiful to look at. With so many options, there’s no question that you will find the perfect photo gift for your loved ones.